About Us

Hello, my name is Paul and I have been making tipis and other tent structures for over 30 years. I started Sundor Lodges in 1999, and have been serving tipi lovers throughout the south ever since.

We offer a full range of services,such as tipi building, ranging from small, childs tipis to Large ( up to 21 ft) tipis to own or hire. We also make covers for Yurts, Domes and other styles of canvas structures...you build it, we'll cover it.

Anyone who has spent time in a tipi will know what a wonderful healing/spiritual space the connical design invokes.

Our tipis are based on the sioux/cheyenne style plains tipi and, as such, are the pinnacle of conical tent design. The 'smoke flaps' at the top opening, when correctly aligned, create a venturi effect to draw smoke out and keep the interior smoke free and comfortable. Together with the inner lining, or 'dew sheet', and a well made firepit, this makes the tipi a warm and inviting all year round living space.

All covers are made in high quality marquee canvas in a range of colours. tipis come complete with inner liner and all ropes and pegs plus hold all. We are not geared up to produce the poles but we can point you in the right direction to source them yourself, either ready made or, we recommend, making your own (it's not difficult and very satisfying to have your own input on the making of your tipi)


   view through the smoke hole or 'sun door'

If you would like to try a tipi, why not hire one for a weekend, 'try before you buy' our rates are very reasonable.

We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information.

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